The islands of the Croatian coast are an absolute delight, and the Heritage Palace Elisabeth in Hvar lives up to the beauty, grandeur and history of the area.

The hotel was built in place of the residential complex of the Duke’s Palace on the main town square, which is also the largest square in Dalmatia. Its greatest importance was in the period of Venetian rule, when different dukes alternated in the area, with each of them leaving their mark in the history of this place. After the fall of Venice, the palace lost its spark, became neglected and was eventually demolished at the turn of the 19th century.

In 1899 it was rebuilt as the Spa Hotel Empress Elisabeth, after the famous Austrian Empress Sisi, who was a generous patron of the hotel’s construction and known for her exceptional travelling lifestyle.

The hotel includes 45 luxury rooms and suites with stunning details and unique design, an indoor swimming pool and multiple terraces.